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Friday, November 25

One day.

Just a warning.. I really don't feel like writing this in both languages, so English it is this time, so everyone would understand.. 

I just hate how everything can change in one day.. And in this case.. To a bad side.. If it even can have sides.. It seems that nothing actually happened.. I just had too much free time and too much freedom for my thoughts.. 

I should probably start from the beginning.. Well, not like from the very beginning.. But from somewhere where I left you this summer when I wrote my last blog.. 

The end of the summer was amazing.. I had such a great time.. Mostly at nights, when my three friends and I met and just did random stuff at my place or outside if it was warm enough.. It was probably the best time I had this summer. Loved every minute of it. However, all the time I was actually hoping to go back to London sooner.. Two months were great back home.. But after two months it started to feel too long of a visit.. It is true, that after you leave home for studies your home is no longer HOME. It's your parents home. 

I was really happy when I got back to London. Had whole month free here.. As I look back at it, I didn't do much, just enjoyed my time here.. The spirit of the city.. Then the studies started and I'm loving it so much this year! I can't believe how everything changed.. Well, I guess I just grew up in my head a bit. And realized what I want from life.. And that made me appreciate it. 

Then the bad stuff started happening.. I even was considering withdrawal from studies at one point.. Not like leaving uni, but more like gap month(s).. Thankfully is fine now and this thought is no longer in my head.. When I say bad stuff, it's mainly related to the place I lived in then and financial situation.. 

I live in a new place now. It's great, people are friendly, room is big, so I finally can keep my stuff out of bags.. The area around is very nice. Can't wait for the spring, the park should look amazing then. And it's huge! Financial situation is not perfect, but much better now.. I'm still looking for a job, at least for Christmas period, but it's okay now.. 

I'm actually feeling good in London this time. No homesick as it was last year.. In theory I have more friends in London now.. Last year Greta was here (she's now in Leeds and she's loving it) but I spend quite a lot of time with her.. We met a least once a week.. And now I have more friends living in London.. But I seem to meet them once a month.. All of them are busy.. And I just don't feel like being the one always offering to meet.. It's always nice to meet and talk for ages, but I somehow feel like I'm disturbing their lifes.

I'm learning to enjoy things alone. Going places alone.. Last week I went to a gig by myself.. That was a huge step for me.. For you it might seem like nothing.. Everybody had plans when I asked them to join me and I really wanted to go, so I went alone.. It was great. Such a warm gig, if warm is a right word to use here.. 

And today I decided to have a lazy day at home.. And that was a huge mistake.. Or, maybe, thinking was a mistake.. I realized that at the now I have two options in my life. Either to befriend loneliness, which I'm actually trying to run from OR to meet new people.. And as I said to my friend today:
But I seriously start to think that I have some mental problem.. And it has nothing to do with being shy as it first might seem.. But I seriously can't be the one that says hi first.. Like, really.. Even with Dom.. He said hi, when he saw me.. And I'm okay with talking to people even if I see them for the first time, I just literally can't be the one to start conversations.. Maybe I should make a sign that would say 'Hi.. I would like to talk to you, but I need YOU to say 'Hi' first..' and bring it everywhere with me..

The main reason why all this started is because Christmas is just around a corner... And all my friends are going home for holidays.. I'll be staying here. Few days ago I asked my brother how he spends Christmas here. He said his friends and he basically have three day party, but this year he doesn't know if he will be able to do that because of money.. I was hopping to go to Leeds to visit Greta, but she's going back to Lithuania as well. So no Christmas for me, I guess.. 

To be honest, I don't know how to end this blog now.. Maybe because I'm still thinking, even though I know it'll probably make things worst.. But.. 

I hope you all are okay and don't have troubles with problems like this.. 
Yours, Birut..

Wednesday, November 23

Sew.. sew.. Sewing.

Oj, žinau, kad velniškai vėluoju su šiuo įrašu (nes juk po galais, jau tuoj ruduo baigsis!), bet.. Tris savaites neturėtas internetas privertė sutvarkyt keletą užsigulėjusių reikalų. Vienas iš jų - vasaros siuviniai ^^ Taigi, šalia fotografijos mane gyvenime lydi ir siuvimas, deja, jis limituotas, nes Anglijoje siuvimo mašina džiaugtis negaliu, tad siuti gaunu tik Lietuvoje, kurioje prabuvau ir visą vasarą ((:

Oh,I know that I'm terribly late with this post (I mean, the winter is almost here!).. I didn't have internet for three weeks, therefore I managed to deal with some old work that I was meaning to deal with sooner or later, and so.. One of them - the stuff I made this summer. I love sewing nearly as much as I love photography, however I can't do it that often since I don't have a sewing machine here in UK.. 

Pirmasis/The first one:

Gimtadienio dovana draugei fotografei VA. Užtruko man gerą savaitę, bet rezultatas, kiek žinau, savininkę tenkina ((: Ir tai džiugina mane ((: Tiesa, pastaruoju metu nesidomėjau ar dar nesuplyšo, bet tikiuosi, kad viskas gerai ((:

A birthday gift for my former classmate and fellow photographer VA ((: It took me about a week to make, but as far as I know, she liked it and hopefully still does. And I'm happy about that! 

Antrasis/Second one:

Taip pat gimtadienio dovana, tik kitai draugei. Šiaip jau siūta kaip dekoratyvinė pagalvėlė, bet mano žiniomis, tūrėtų būti naudojama (nors nežinau ar išties naudojama) kaip adatinė ^^ Truputį nevykęs siūvinukas, broko nemažai, bet juk meilės negailėta ((:

Another birthday present, but for other friend of mine (: The idea of it was as a mini pillow, but the owner said  she's going to use it as a pincushion ^^ Not the best quality, but it sure doesn't lack the love I've put into it ((:

Trečias/ Third:

Priedas prie pagalvėlės, už broką ((: Siūta iš pagalvės užvalkalo, frazė 'People change. Now I'm a lamp post' rasta internete (: Norėjau, kad kvepėtų kava, todėl buvau pamerkus į puodą su kava, deja, kavos kvapas ilgai nesilaikė, tik berods pati medžiaga šiek tiek patamsėjo.

It was a bonus to a pillow for all spoilage (: I made it from the pillow case, found the phrase on internet, it says 'People change. Now I'm a lamp post'. I wanted it to smell as a coffee, so I boiled a pot of coffee and but the fabric into it. To my disappointment it didn't had the smell, but the fabric got slightly darker. 

Ir galiausiai ketvirtas/ And finally the foutyh one:

Oh, šitas tikriausiai iškankino labiausiai. Bet buvo verta (: Tai galima sakyt irgi buvo gimtadienio dovana, netiesioginė, tiesiog taip sutapo. Sean'as pats paprašė, žinojo kokių spalvų kamuolys bus, tik nemanė, kad padarysiu tikro dydžio. Nors galiausiai jis ir nėra ideliai apvalus esu labai patenkinta juo! (: 

Oh, this one was a tough one, but it was worth the hard work (: In a way it was a birthday present to Sean as well, though he just asked me to make a football ball, he chose colours himself. He just didn't knew how big it is going to be. Even though it's not a perfectly round I'm very proud of it ((:

Jau ilgiuosi siuvimo, bet negalėsiu juo džiaugtis dar ilgokai, nes nežinia kada vėl nuklysiu į gimtąją žemę. Iki tol teks gyvenimą pildyti fotografiją. Kuriai meilė grįžtą, kai rankose laikau Canon fotoaparatą, todėl nekantrauju savo Olympusą iškeist į Canon'ą greitu metu ((:

I miss sewing a lot, but who knows how long I'll have to wait till I'll be able to enjoy it again. I've no idea when I'm going back to Lithuania, so no idea when I'll be able to sew.. Untill then I'll have to fill my life with photography. And speaking of photography, I love it more when I'm holding Canon in my hands, so I can't wait to replace my old Olympus with Canon soon ((: 

Iki greito susirašymo, keksiukai. Viliuosi šį kartą ne tokiam ilgam laikui palieku jus. Jūsų, Birut ^^
Bye for now, cupcakes! I just hope it won't take me this long this time. Yours, Birut ^^

Thursday, June 23

Catching up..

Galėčiau imt teisintis, kodėl taip ilgai nieko nerašiau, bet dėl pasiteisinimų gausos (nepaisant to, kokie stiprūs ar silpni jie būtų) laikas atgal nesugrįš ir aš tų įrašų neparašysiu. 

Ištiesų atsidarydama blogą nežinau ką rašysiu. Neturiu konkrečios minties, turiu kelis dalykus kuriuos norėčiau paminėt, bet ir jie turbūt nevisi išvys dienos šviesą. 

Aš jau mėnuo kaip esu Lietuvoje, mėgaujuosi Klaipėda. Ilsiuosi prieš Londoną. Kaupiu jėgas ir bandau keist mąstymą. Bandžiau darbuotis, padirbau du savaitgalius ir išėjau. Dabar vėl ieškau darbo. Naktimis linksminuos, rytais miegu, dienomis kartais nuobodžiauju, o kartais mėgaujuosi vienatve.. Kas dėl vienatvės. Netikėtai taip jau gavos, kad vasarą gyvenu/gyvensiu viena trijų kambarių bute. 

Gyventi vienai turi ir pliusų ir minusų. Žinoma, ta visiška laisvė daryti ką nori, kada nori, kiek nori ir kaip nori žiauriai veža. Ir aš turiu omeny absoliučią laisvę, jei gyvendami su tėvais ar draugais vistiek jaučiate pareigą (vien dėl pagarbos tam žmogui/žmonėm) pranešt kada grįšit (ir kalbu, ne apie laiką, o dienas) tai gyvenant vienai, tai nekelia problemų. Tačiau visame tame yra ir negerumo.. Kartais taaaaaaaaip trūksta žmogaus. Ir net ne tiek, kad ko nors konkrečiai.. Bet žmogaus, kad su sienom nereiktų kalbėt. 

Žinau, jog mano blogas niekada nebus pernelyg populiarus, nes rašau ryškiai per daug: žmonės labiau mėgsta žiūrėti į nuotraukas ir paskaityt porą trumpučių sakinių apie jas, aš darau atvirkščiai. O juk aš kaip fotografijos studentė, kaip tik turėčiau dėti daug fotografijų, dalintis savo darbais.. Cha.. Nė velnio.. O juk dar viską rašau ir angliškai, tai o Die... 

Dėl tos fotografijos irgi sunku man.. Kažkur dingės noras ir ta aistra visam kam.. Labai tikėjau, kad grįžus namo (ne dėl namų, o dėl draugų ir šiaip poilsio) grįš ir noras, bet jis kogero pasiklydo tarp Londono ir Klaipėdos ir neranda kelio pas mane..

Jūsų Birut ^^

Peaceful moment on my fav hill not far from home.

I, of course, could start telling why I didn't write for so long, but even if I'd do that the time wouldn't come back and I wouldn't be able to post any blogs anyway..

To tell you the true, I'm not sure what I'm going to write this time. I don't have one strong idea, but have few little thoughts, but I', not sure that all of them are gonna make it to this post. 

It's already a month that I'm in Lithuania, I'm enjoying my time in Klaipėda. Chilling here, resting before going back to London, gathering energy and trying to change the way I think. I tried working for two weekends, but quit, Now I'm job hunting again. Having fun at nights, sleeping at mornings, sometimes being bored at daytimes, sometimes enjoying peaceful moment of loneliness. As for a loneliness, it happened suddenly that I left alone for whole summer in 3 bedroom flat. 

Living alone has it's good and bad things.. Of course, freedom, when you can do whatever, whenever you want, in a way that you like is amazing. And I mean total freedom. When you live with parents/roomates you still feel the need to tell them (just because you respect them) when you're coming home (and I'm not talking about time, I mean days), you don't have to worry about that when you live alone.. However, it's not all good. It sometimes gets soooo lonely.. Sometimes you need someone so badly, and I'm not talking about any person in particular, but a person in general. Just because the walls can't answer you when you start talking with them/it. 

I know that my blog is never going to be very popular, because I write wayyyy too much, and people rather like watching at images and having few words to read, and I'm doing opposite. And as a photography student I should upload my images, share my work with other.. Ha.. No way. And I wrote in two languages.. That means even more text.. 

As for a photography.. It's hard for me now. I don't feel desire to take pictures anymore.. I was hopping that when I get back home (and it's not a bout home.. It's about friends and vocation from uni) my passion will come back, but.. I think my passion got lost somewhere between London and Klaipėda and can't find it's way to me now.. 

Yours Birut^^

Saturday, May 14

Siemet/ This year

Iskart perspeju, bus DAUG nuotrauku. Jei taip nesi pasiruosus/pasiruoses atleisk. Taigi, nusprendziau sukelt visus darbus kuriuos teko padaryti siemet universiteto projektams. Ne visi darbai geri, tad smarkiai nesmerkite, prasau. Keliais sakiniais aprasysiu kieviena projekta, ir koki ivertinima gavau. Bet is pradziu ivertinimo lentele/I'm warning you from the very beginning, there's going to be A LOT of photos in this blog. If you're not ready for it - sorry. So I decided to put all work I did this year for university projects. Not all of these are good, so don't judge. I'll explain every project a bit and what mark I got. But at first, grading system :

1-4 puiku/excellent, 5-8 labai gerai/very good, 9-12 gerai/good, 13-16 isslaikyta/pass, 17-20 neislaikyta/fail.

Taigi. Pradedu/Okay, I'm starting:

Pirmas projektas: Painting with light. Buvo duotas sarasas klasikiniu paveikslu, kuriuos turejom perteikti fotografija. Pirmas bandymas su juosta. (Kadangi esu tingus zmogus, tai negatyvu neskanavau, o tiesiog perfotografavau nuotraukas)./ First Project: Painting with light. We had a list of classical painting and had to make an interpretation for them by making a photographs. First time using film. (because I'm a lazy person I didn't scanned negatives and just photographed photos)
Ivertinimas/Mark: 14

Madame de Pompadour at her tambour table                  Lady writing a letter with her maid


Antras projektas: Natural Light. Turejome pasirinktinai padaryti 4-6 nuotraukas, as pasirinkau viduriuka ir padariau 5. Turbut ir taip gan aiski tema - dviraciai. juoda/balta juosta. Patys ryskinome juostas, patys dareme nuotraukas. (Taip pat perfotografuota)/ Second project: Natural Light. We had to make 4-6 picture for this project. i chose the middle - 5. I believe my theme is very clear - bikes. Black and white film. We developed films ourselves and made pictures ourselves as well. (As well, photographed photos.)
Ivertinimas/Mark: 13

Trecias projektas: Behind the Scenes. Uzduotis gan aiski. Susirast muzikanta, grupe, menininka, sportininka, sokeje ir t.t. ir fiksuoti tai ko siaip nemato ziurovai. Taigi, kadangi puse projekto laiko praleidau Lietuvoje, pasinaudojau ta proga ir fiksavau druago grupes repeticijas. / Third project: Behind the scenes. Quite straight forward one. We had to choose one kind of performer - musician, band, artist, dancer, sportsmen, etc and capture what a viewer can't see. And because I spend half of project back in Lithuania I chose to capture my friends bands rehearsals.
Ivertinimas/Mark: 10

Ketvirtas projektas: Studio project. Uzduotis paprasta, padaryti egzistuojancio arba ne zurnalo virseli. Mano zurnalas neegzistuojantis C.T.S - Circle Triangle Square (Apskritimas, trikampis, kvadratas). / Fourth project: Studio project. A simple task, to do a cover for a magazine (existing or not). I created my own one. C.T.S. stands for Circle triangle Sqaure. 
Ivertinimas/Mark: 10

Penktas projektas: Vinyl Sleeve. Na, apie sita jau rasiau atskira bloga. Trumpai: Sukurti tris skirtingus albumo virselius dainai Pop Levi - Crying Chic / Fifth project: Vinyl Sleeve. I wrote about this already. We just had to make 3 different album cover for a song Pop Levi - Crying Chic
Ivertinimas/Mark: 13

Sestas projektas: Potraiture. 5 nuotrauku serija. Mano tema - menu studentai. Labai paskutinem dienom darytas projektas, tai todel tokia ir kokybe. / Sixth project: Portraiture. A series of 5 pictures. My theme - art students. Very very rushed project, that's why so shitty.
Ivertinimas/Mark: 13

Septintas projektas: Dreams and Reality. A1 dydzio nuotrauka. Reikejo suaglvoti kazka tarp sapnu/svajoniu ir realybes. Maniske ideja: gerves skrenda ir kompiuterio. Privaloma naudoti Photoshop'a. / Seventh project: Dreams and reality. A1 size print. We needed to come up with something between dreams and reality. My idea - cranes are flying out of computer. Photoshop was a must!
Ivertinimas/Mar: Laukimias/Pending

Ir galiausiai, astuntas projektas: Urban Landscape. Fiksuoti aplinka aplink Olimpinio stadiono statybas. Plius, reikejo parasyt po trumpa komentariuksti po kiekviena nuotrauka. Mano serijos tema - kokia itaka gyvenimui tame rajone turi Olimpis miestelis. /And finally, eight project: Urband landscape. To capture landscapes around Olympic site building. Plus, we had to write some captions for it. With my series I tried to show how Olympic site is affecting the area around it. 
Ivertinimas/Mark: Laukiamas/Pending.
Little by little nature is overtaken by new modern urban buildings.
The canal works has already started. Water transportation is on it’s way.

Back in a day this place never was as crowded as it is nowadays. Thankfully to Olympic site, people are attracted to come and seek it’s development in the area.
·        Because of all this construction and reconstruction madness there are a lot of places in the area that people are not allowed to. 

       Influenced by Olympic site building a lot of other building sites are in process of ‘growing’ as well.

Tai tiek. Liko sulaukt rezultatu dvieju paskutniu projektu ir as antrakurse. / And that's it. All I have to do is wait for the last two projects results and I'm a second year..

Atsiprasau, kad be lietuvisku raidziu. Neturiu ju :/

Friday, March 25

Muzikinis testas./Music test.

Neseniai youtube užmačiau video, kurio dėka prisiminiau šį žaidimuką - testuką. Viskas, ką jums reikia padaryti - tai susikelti visas turimas dainas į muzikos grotuvą (Pasirinkimo teisė, kas patogiausia) ir nuspaudus shuffle mygtuką po kiekvieno klausimo perjungti dainą. Dainos pavadinimas - klausimo atsakymas. Jokio sukčiavimo. Štai mano atsakymai:

Keliesi su daina/Wake up with: The Rolling Stones - Start Me Up 
Pirmasis bučinys buvo kaip/First kiss was asSufjan Stevens - You Are the Blood
Kai tu įsimyli/When You fall in loveAndrius Mamontovas - Atsibusk
Tavo įniršio daina/Your madness song30 Seconds To Mars - Hunter 
Kovos daina/Fight song: Placebo - Infra-red
Išsiskyrimo su brangiu žmogumi daina/A song about a seperation with a close person: Foo Fighters - Breakout
Tavo gyvenimas kaip/Your life is like: 30 Seconds To Mars – Occam‘s Razor
Tavo dvasinio palūžimo daina/Your mental break down song: Stereophonics – Handbags and Gladrags
Mokaisi su daina/Learn with: Peter Bjorn and John – Poor Cow
Mirties daina/Song of death: Claude Debussy – Nocturnos-Sirenas
Šlovės valandos daina/Glory time song: The Kills – Ticket Man
Daina prieš miegą/Before the sleep: The Blackout – It‘s High Tide Baby
Asmenines saviraiškos daina/Personal expression song: Travis – Beautiful 

Recently I saw a video at youtube that reminded me of this little game - little test. All you need to do is to put every single song you have to one music player (it is up to you what player) and press shuffle button. After reading every question press next and the title of the song that starts playing is the answer of the question. No cheating. Above you see my answers. Enjoy. 

P.S. dėl įdomumo. Kompiuteryje turiu 23.9 GB muzikos, tai yra 4950 dainos.
P.S. just of of curiosity: I have 23.9 GB of music in my computer. That is 4950 songs. 

Monday, March 7

O kaip laikaisi tu?/And how are you?

Pradėsiu nuo to, kad jau nuo praeitos savaitės trečiadienio vis žadu parašyt įrašą su 'Portraiture' projecto nuotraukomis. Kurių, beje, nemėgstu, nes, prisipažinsiu, labai jau atlaidžiai šį projektą dariau ir viską buvau pasilikusi paskutinei minutei. Todėl geros kokybės nesitikėkit. 

O šiaip jau, nuo penktadienio praradau norą betkam. Nieko nebesinori daryt, rašyt ir net klausyti muzikos.. Todėl šis blogas irgi bus toks blah. Kuris, beje, čia ir pasibaigs, nes visiškai neturiu minčių, kurias galėčiau išsakyt, nesileisdama pernelyg giliai į asmeniškumus. 

Firstly I'll start with the photos from 'Portraiture' project. I was planning this blog since last week Wednesday. I don't like these pictures, but I didn't put any effort to them and made all of them at the last minute, so don't expect good images.
I don't want anything since Friday. I don't want to do anything, don't want to write or even listen to music. Therefore this blog is going to be 'blah'. And it's going to finish here, because I'm going to get too personal if I'll try to write more.. 

Monday, February 28

Crying Chic.

Pagaliau atėjo paskutinis vasario (o tuo pačiu ir žiemos) pirmadienis, o su juo ir 'Vinyl sleeve' crit'as. Pagaliau atsiskaičiau cover'ius ir dabar liko tik trečiadienio peržiūra, kurios, oj kaip nelaukiu.. 
Pasimėgavimui, kirtikai ir panašiai, trumpia, jūsų teismui:
Visiems labiausiai patiko paskutinis derinys.

Finally the last Monday of February (and of winter also) came, and 'Vinyls sleeve' crit came with it as well.. And all now that left is Wednesdays crit, which I'm not waiting.. Believe me.. So, for your judgement.. Everybody like the last set the best..

P.S. Nuo ryt, mėnesį laiko nesinaudosiu feisbuku, tad ta proga, įrašai čia turėtų būt gan dažni. Lažybos yra lažybos ir mėnuo be facebook'o yra mano ir Gretos Madline susitarimas. Todėl, kad ji pernelyg priklausoma nuo pastarojo.. 

By the way, starting tomorrow I'm not going to use facebook for whole March. So, the blogs here are going to be really often.. I had a bet with my friend because she's too addictive to it.. 

Sunday, February 27

Esė? / Essay?

"From Shock to Narrative – Cinema and the Modern Mind" šis pavadinimas visą savaitgalį buvo 'geriausias' mano draugas. 2000 žodžių esė. 2000 fu*king žodžių esė, apie tai, kaip vystėsi kinas. Esu įsitikinusi, kad už savo kvailą esė negausiu gero balo, nes daug kur kartojuos ir mano anglų gramatika tikrai nėra pati geriausia, juolab akademinė kalba... 
Štai kaip atordo žmogus, kuris per dvi dienas parašė lygiai 2000 žodžių, 9183 simbolius, 8 paragrafus.. Ir čia tik galutinis variantas.. Kiek parašymo ir trynimo.. O dar kiek parašytų žodžių nesusijusių su esė.. 
Ir taip, aš žinau, kad pati kalta esu, jog pasilikau viską paskutinei akimirkai, bet tokia jau ta mano prigimtis.. Bandau po truputį atsikratyti šito įpročio. 
Labiausiai erzino ne tai, kad reikėjo rašyt esė, o tai, kad visą šeštadienį mano brolis pramiegojo.. Nejuokauju.. VISĄ ŠEŠTADIENĮ. Nuo 6 ryto, kai grįžo, tai iki sekmadienio 11 ryto ir miegojo.. Buvo atsibudęs vieną kartą.. Kaip tai įmanoma? Huh?
Dabar palinkėkit man sėkmės, kad mano esė praeitų ir būtų bent šiek tiek geriau nei 'pass', bent 'OK' 

Plius plius plius..Šią savaitę man du crit'ai (atsiskairtymai, peržiūros), tai pirmadienį ir trečiadienį truputį stresuosiu, bet kokia palaima bus ketvirtadienį miegoti iki begalybės, o penktadienį atsedėjus paskaitą ir seminarą, žinoti, kad savaitę laiko galėsiu nieko neveikt.. Maniškiai fotografai (tie, kurie gali sau tai leisti, kartu su dėstytojais) iškeliauja į trip'ą į Romą! Pavydžiu labiau nei juodai.. Na bet kaip nors. 

O dabar, labanakt keksiukai.. Geros savaitės pradžios. Atsisveikinkit su žiemą ryt!
"From Shock to Narrative - Cinema and the Modern Mind" this titles was my 'best friend' this weekend. Not. 2000 words essay about the development of the cinema.. I'm pretty sure that my essay won't be one of the best, because I repeated myself quite often and my grammar is not the best. Especially in academic English.. 
I wrote exactly 2000 words, 9183 characters, 8 paragraphs for this essay.. And when I think that actually I wrote much more, because i wrote and deleted and the again wrote so many versions of every thought... And plus, all chats.. And that's how I look now.. Sorry for the crappy quality.. The lightning in my room is horrible. 
I know, that it is only my own fault. I shouldn't have left everything for the last minute, but that's how I am. I'm trying to get rid of this habit.
And.. My brother was sleeping for the whole Saturday. He come back home 6am felt asleep and was sleeping until 11am Sunday.. That was the most annoying thing.. How does he even manage to sleep that much? Huh?
Wish me luck with my essay, I expecting at least 'pass', but 'OK' would be great (I'm not even thinking about very good or excellent)

Plus plus plus.. I have two crits, so on Monday and Wednesday I'll be stressed, but just the thought of how peaceful Thursday is going to be makes me happy. And after the lecture and seminar on Friday I'll have week long vocation.. My coursemates(who can afford spending 300 pounds) and tutors are going to the trip to ROME.. I'm so jealous..

As for now, night night, cupcakes.. Have a great week and say goodbye to the winter!